Why Choose Workshops

two lit candles in glass jars

Natural skincare making workshops with Emma Hyland

There is nothing Emma knows better than natural products; creator of the award winning MuMe solid makeup brush cleanser. She is passionate about all things natural, with two Image beauty awards and years of experience teaching product making workshops Emma is enthusiastic about spreading the word on natural skincare and how easy it is to make them “it’s important to know what you’re feeding your skin and the market is so saturated at the moment it can be confusing” Emma explains on WeekendAM recently “keeping it simple is key”.

There are many benefits to making your own; you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin, it’s free from any harmful additives, you can source the ingredients locally all whilst being kinder to the environment but cutting down on waste, what’s not to love! “If you’re smart about your ingredients you can have affordable skincare that is just as effective as some of the big brands out there” Said Emma.